Eurorubber GmbH was founded in 1993 and has gathered experience over more than 25 years in complete wheel assemblies as well as customized solutions for the construction machinery sector.

Eurorubber is there for you after sale!

Our competent staff will be happy to advise and is always available.

If there should be any open questions, just give us a call.

We are sure that almost all questions can be answered.


- Content customers are the base for a good and trustful cooperation.

- The first machine is sold by the sales-force, the second by the service!

- Eurorubber is able to react quickly on any changes on the orders.

- We can cover peaks in demand as well as a short-term-change in tire-specification.

 - If your customer changes his mind in tire – we deliver in time.

- If your customer is content , you are content! If you are content we did the rigth job.

Summary of advantages !

- Just one partner for the entire tire-business!

- Savings in man-power and inventory at your side!

- Eurorubber is family-owned. No shares from or in tire- or wheelproducers.

- Whatever brand you need - we will supply!

- This advantage is also appreciated by the tire- and wheel-industry.

- No problems at the production-line. Right part at the right time.

- Reliable and already proven system.





Areal: total ca. 140.000 ft² - 4.300 ft² Office - 8.600 ft² Production – 60.000 ft² Storage – 3.300 ft² training- center – 65.000 ft² free for Expansion.


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